Group Programs

Denver Botanic Gardens and Plains Conservation Center (PCC) announce a partnership that will allow both organization’s education programs to reach a broader audience, sustain existing programs and expand teacher and student education. The Gardens will organize and manage PCC education programs for students and adults, providing the opportunity for the Gardens to represent all major Colorado ecosystems. The Gardens and PCC, two important Science and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) organizations, have enjoyed fruitful collaborations in the past and look forward to further celebrating a shared mission of environmental education and conservation. All programs will take place at PCC’s Aurora campus, part of the City of Aurora’s Open Space system.

In 2015, PCC engaged over 10,000 students, scouts, preschoolers and their families in ecological and cultural history programming. The new partnership will not alter the program offerings that schools have enjoyed for many years. These programs include:

Prairie Perspectives: Grades 3-5 In this overnight prairie investigation program, students are challenged to adopt the perspective of a child growing up in the 1800s as a Cheyenne Indian and a homesteader and learn about the importance of the prairie ecosystem.

Day Tours: Grades 1-6 Day tours provide students with an overview of one or a combination of three program areas of grassland ecology, Cheyenne Indian skills and sod homesteading.

Preschool and Kindergarten Tours: Grades pre-k and k Catered towards young learners, these programs provide hands-on experiences on the prairie to stimulate curiosity and a love of the natural world.

Ecological Monitoring: Grades 6-8 Students engage in real field science ranging from bird surveys, a prairie dog ethogram and water quality testing.



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